• We’ve been monitoring the reactions to Obama’s announcement of Osama’s death on http://research.ly/.

    The news leaked on Twitter hours before the official announcement by the White House. Here's the first mention about Operation Osama:  http://twitpic.com/4s9dy3. Almost immediately, the Twittersphere began retweeting and posting unconfirmed buzz.

    When the link to Obama’s live announcement was published, it was rapidly shared across social media streams. In the following hours, trends began to emerge.

    People were celebrating, expressing joy, anger, sorrow, hope, talking about justice and revenge. Some made jokes, others mentioned the 2012 elections, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

    With the news spreading worldwide, we can see how trends are forming and how different countries are having different reactions to the event:

    1. Indonesia

    We translated some of the tweets from Indonesia and found mixed feelings:  Distrust and skepticism towards the news being real, mixed to sympathy in some cases and celebration in others.

    Some Indonesian tweets see the former American president as the real enemy:

    @Kareltrinov "US are so happy over the death of #osama when it's not the real issue. It should be George Bush Junior & co that get wiped out. the real enemies".
    Others express distrust and the fear that the announcement might be, fake or strategic:

    @Why_Diputra: "Usually news from the US has a hidden agenda, let's see in a few days RT @cutadz Osama is dead?"
    Others contain prayers and mourning:

    @Khmnd's tweet is a prayer

    @verdy_maczman: "He's still a human being with rights. I mourn for Osama Bin Laden's death. RIP Osama!! *pray*"


    Tweets from France criticize the the long war that brought to Osama's death: "So many losses. Was it worth it?"


    Egyptian tweets are strongly against the US, they express disapproval for America celebrating the event and sympathy and sorrow for Osama:


    Tweets mostly express distrust for the US, some make jokes, others share their personal stories, since Pakistan role in the war

    Is this tweet @Beelal24 is stating that he knews someone who lived near the site where it all went down


    Americans are making jokes, sharing facts, celebrating and describing what they see in the streets


    The UK are mostly critical, people discuss how the event is being shared in the news, humor is often present in the conversation

    We’re monitoring the stream on http://research.ly/ to see how these trends evolve.

    Go to http://research.ly/, select a community or a location and share what you see.

    What are people saying around the world about #Osama now?

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