• In 48 hours, there have been over 6 million mentions of Osama Bin Laden.

    It's fascinating to see reactions from all across the globe, and the PeopleBrowsr team has been following the tweet stream closely. We've been working around the clock to analyze the stream on the Osama Bin Laden conversations and trending topics.

    PeopleBrowsr is interested in the number of reactions by country around the world.

    Here’s the raw data on number of global tweets:

    There were over 3 million mentions in the US, with Brazil coming in second at almost 600,000.

    Arab Countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia) witnessed the event on Twitter with a very low velocity of posts commenting and sharing the news (only 25,000 mentions in total for both countries).

    The highest majority of tweets mentioning Osama Bin Laden were purely around the news itself, with RTs to all the news media accounts around the world.

    In recent hours we've seen conspiracy theories fly across the web, along with controversies surrounding the social norms of 'celebrating death', as seen on The Wall Street Journal and in the Tweet stream:

    Everyone from politicians to athletes to students are adding to the conversation, further demonstrating how personal opinion and political dialogue is moving from the kitchen table to a very public 140 characters.

    At PeopleBrowsr, we’re building the advanced conversation technology to assemble this collective intelligence for insights into digital anthropology, social research and instant engagement. We’ll continue to follow the events and provide reporting.

    To find influential communities and individuals actively speaking about Osama’s death, see our ReSearch.ly stream: http://research.ly/

    For more in-depth insights into real-time and historical analytics, see our Viral Analytics Platform on Osama mentions: http://osamabinladen.peoplebrowsr.com/

    If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please reach out to us @PeopleBrowsr, comment on our blog or email contact@PeopleBrowsr.com.

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