• It’s the month of June, official start of summer. America is ready for weekend trips to the beach, baseball games, BBQ’s... and, of course, Father’s Day!

    As social data analysts, we're always curious about the conversations taking place around holidays, events or trends...

    We extracted all mentions of “Father’s Day” and intelligently filtered the data to find these insights into what people are sharing and tweeting.

    For our analysis, we started with asking these questions:

    1. Who are the people mentioning Father’s Day the most?
    2. What’s being talked about the most when it comes to Father’s Day?
    3. Why are the top champions influencers for Father’s Day?
    4. Where are people talking about Father’s Day the most? Which social media platforms are the top posters using and where are they posting from?

    Here’s what we found...

    Over 137,000 mentions of Father’s Day on Twitter
    Over 85,000 unique people posting on Twitter
    Almost 30,000 ReTweets
    About 23,000 bit.ly links

    Who are the people speaking about Father’s Day?

    To determine demographics, we extracted the most frequently occurring words in bios of people posting about Father’s Day. The different communities of people talking about Father’s Day include, Moms, Media, Writers, Musicians, Students, Designers and Artists.

    What’s Being Talked About the most in relation to Father’s Day?

    We pulled the most frequently used words in tweets containing “Father’s Day” and created a word cloud to determine what people are sharing. Top word associations with the holiday included Gifts, ideas, #giveaway, present, sale, golf, coupon, book, tribute and cards, to name a few.


    Father’s Day Champions

    We were also interested in those with the most influence surrounding Father’s Day mentions. These are ‘champions’ for Father’s Day mentions. If your brand wanted to know how they could have effective reach with the most influential speakers surrounding Father’s Day, we could create a Champions graph. Champions are those who mention Father’s Day and have the highest number of friends who are also mentioning Father’s Day.

    The Top 5 Father’s Day Champs are:


    These champs have a high reach among people discussing Father’s Day, and three of the top five are Mommy Bloggers.


    Most of the conversation surrounding Father’s Day are neutral or positive, with only 1% of negative Twitter mentions.

    Top cities mentioning Father’s Day include:

    New York
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    Washington DC

    The #1 Tweet Source for all Father’s Day mentions comes from… Facebook.

    More people were tweeting from third-party platforms, on-the-go, instead of directly from Twitter via the browser.

    Top Mobile Sources (by popularity) include:
    Twitter for iPhone
    Twitter for BlackBerry
    Twitter for Android

    Retail Shopping and the Social Sphere

    Recently, we came across this study on MarketingVox, and we were surprised to learn that brands/retailers weren’t being more proactive in engaging interesting consumers. Some key findings surrounding Father’s Day included:

    e-Tailers Overlook Father's Day in Searches

    34% of shoppers were planning to buy their Father's Day gifts online.

    Last year, e-retailers only captured 6% of all Father’s Day related searches (searches in which the search term used included the words 'father's day' or 'fathers day'), meaning that e-retailers potentially ignored millions of gift seeking consumers.

    70% of the top 200 brands in the Fortune 500 don't have their Facebook Pages in the top 20 search engine results for their brand, according to a BrightEdge study. (via Inside Facebook).

    We hope that PeopleBrowsr’s quick data analysis provided more insights into why you should be engaged in the social stream. People are searching for Father’s Day... and they’re sharing gift ideas, slice-of-life moments and asking for recommendations.

    For a more in-depth analysis, check out http://research.ly/father's%20day and sort conversations by gender, community, location and degrees of separation.

    In ReSearch.ly, see how females are talking about father’s day...

    And compare the the conversation among males...

    View a year-over-year comparison to graph how the conversation or sentiment has shifted...

    See RT Analytics

    Create a Community and see mentions of Father’s Day by Community

    And if you’re looking for ideas for this Sunday... dive into the Father's Day real-time stream!

    We love hearing all the different ways to celebrate dads, so please tweet us and let us know what you’re sharing on Twitter!

    Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend.

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