• At PeopleBrowsr, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new type of social network - one you can build and maintain yourself.

    With public platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, brands and consumers are increasingly being encouraged to use them exclusively to connect and communicate.

    Now that these networks have combined memberships in the billions, it is becoming harder to find those in your community that you have the most in common with and connect with.

    Brands are naturally investing time and energy into these public platforms, while at the same losing control of their brand, their fans and their community.

    David Armano in a post titled Social Business: Where It's Been & Where It's Going talked about the evolution of social media into social business. He also referenced a great graphic (shown below) from a book by Peter Kim and co-author Dion Hinchcliffe titled Social Business by Design which I think sums up nicely where social might go next with social business, and how social is really evolving.

    Figure 1.2 from "Social Business By Design"

    We think the next phase of social as we move towards social business will allow corporates and government entities to create their own networks.

    To support this vision, PeopleBrowsr is launching our SocialOS platform to bridge existing networks, and allow these corporates and governments to develop their own social networks.

    SocialOS is a next generation Platform as a Service (PaaS), developed under a Darpa funded program. It integrates Social Network capabilities and technologies alongside existing customer databases, platforms and social networks. Social OS has a rich set of APIs for Developers to rapidly build Social Network applications.

    For marketers, they can now invite customers and fans to join their own branded social networks, with app stores and analytics, while at the same time bridging existing social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Influencers of this new social network can be approached in a more personal way with special offers and incentives.

    Importantly, Social OS analytics turns chaotic social data from multiple networks into rich and valuable data allowing more compelling offers and campaigns to be developed exclusively for the brand's network. We will also be integrating our Kred influence measurement platform deep into SocialOS.

    For owner of the new top level domains (TLD) such as dotJaguar and dotAMEX, they now have the ability using SocialOS to provide a compelling and secure social network just for their customers and fans.

    For developers, the SocialOS platform will be exposed via APIs, periodic reports and a real-time command centre. Each Instance of Social OS gives Developers the ability to quickly build social networks and applications using APIs defined in our Social OS Guide. Developers can quickly build apps using the agile online toolkit.

    What will you be able to develop with SocialOS?

    With SocialOS you will be able to link your social interests from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr and other networks to your Personal Domain as well as:

    • Build your own, branded social network instantly

    • Invite your friends or fans to your own social network

    • Use your favorite apps on your own social network

    • Find out what apps your friends are using

    • Make your own apps

    • Join other vibrant social networks and other SocialOS powered networks from your own network

    Importantly, with SocialOS, you can develop your own social network, while staying a member of your favorite public social network.

    The TLD Value Added Services market is a growth opportunity

    We will also be working with smart value added services vendors to provide a rich suite of services on top of a SocialOS platform for new TLD applicants.

    One such VAS we like a lot is Designs.com from Demand Media. Recently, thedomains.com reported on how Demand is embedding Designs.com into the purchase process of partnering domain and web hosting providers, enabling consumers to create a high quality web presence specific to their chosen web identity already demonstrated by their favorite TLD such as .DENTIST and .ARCHITECT.

    Watch out for the first SocialOS networks to launch in the coming months, including the dotCEO network from PeopleBrowsr.

    If you would like an advanced preview of SocialOS, please contact us.

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