• Your Influencer Address is the face of your Online Identity. Optimize your page with a great Image and boost your chances of Shareability.


    1. Visit your dotKred page (ex: Katie.Kred)
    2. Click the Menu Icon in the upper right-hand corner

      Change Background 2

    3. Select “log in” and use the login credentials you signed up with. (ex: @itskatiemo Twitter Authentication)

      Kred Login

    4. The Page will reload. In the upper left-hand corner, select “Change Background”

      change background

    5. Click on the “Upload Image” box to select the file you want to upload

      change image
    6. Crop your image to show only the parts you need, then click “Crop & Upload"
    7. Crop
    8. Done! Your changes will automatically save once the image is finished uploading!
    9. katie.kred

    10. Click the Share Icon in the upper right-hand corner to share your dotKred Influencer Address with others!

    11. Still need help? Reach out via Live VIP Support
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